Iznik Tile Vase and Plate Set with Seljuk Star Motif

12,000.00 TL
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Vip Gift Seljuk Star Motif İznik Tile Vase and Plate Set, 1st Class Handmade

Product Features:

  • Completely handmade İznik tile vase and plate set
  • Delivered to your door the same day in a velvet-covered Vip wooden box
  • Made with İznik tile art, underglaze technique
  • Plate diameter: 30cm (11.81inch) Vase Height:30cm (11.81inch)
  • Fired at 800-1000 degrees
  • English and Turkish explanation of the tile is included in the box
  • The box has a footrest for the plate, can be placed in a showcase and can also be hung on the wall
  • Ultra-protected special packaging

**İznik tiles are of lasting value, timeless and never get old. It is a work of art that can be passed down from generation to generation. Each İznik tile is unique, like a fingerprint. Even if the same product is reproduced in the same way, it will not be the same.

The exact same of the product you are currently reviewing will not be produced again.

We recommend that you buy the product you like as soon as possible, if you need it.**

Pattern Information, Meaning of the Seljuk Star motif; The Seljuk star motif in İznik tiles is a symbol of the Seljuk Empire, which was a powerful and influential empire in the Middle East from the 11th to the 13th centuries. The Seljuks were known for their beautiful and intricate tilework, and the Seljuk star motif is one of their most famous designs. The Seljuk star motif has a number of different meanings. It is generally seen as a symbol of the Seljuk Empire, and it is also seen as a symbol of Islam. The six points of the star are sometimes seen as representing the six pillars of Islam, and the colors of the star are sometimes seen as representing the five great prophets of Islam. The Seljuk star motif is a beautiful and timeless design that has been used to decorate homes and public buildings for centuries. The motif is a reminder of the Seljuk Empire and its rich culture. It is also a symbol of Islam and its teachings. In addition to the above, the Seljuk star motif is also seen as a symbol of hope and good luck. The motif is often used as a talisman to ward off evil and bring good luck. The motif is a reminder of the rich culture and history of the Seljuk Empire, and it is a symbol of hope, luck, and prosperity. Seljuk star motifs are one of the characteristic elements of İznik tiles, and they are frequently seen in tiles. The meaning of the Seljuk star motif is open to various interpretations. However, the use of geometric motifs during the Seljuk period may reflect the decorative understanding and symbolic meanings that are common in Islamic art.

Geometry and symmetry: Seljuk star motifs represent a complex arrangement based on geometry and symmetry. This can symbolize mathematical precision and order Universal order: Geometric patterns can represent universal order and cosmic balance. Stars can remind us of the bewitching beauty of the sky and the order in the sky Symbols of Islam: Geometric patterns are frequently used symbols in Islamic art. These motifs can represent the unity and eternity of God Decoration and aesthetics: Seljuk star motifs have decorative and aesthetic value in İznik tiles. These motifs highlight the richness and visual appeal of tiles.

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