Shipping and Cargo

As, we attach great importance to the fast and safe delivery of the handcrafted products you buy to you and your loved ones. The products you order are delivered to the contracted cargo within 24 hours. (For special orders, cargo is delivered according to the time written in the product description section). The products you buy are carefully placed by Cini Evi staff in a way that they will not break/deteriorate. Under normal conditions, cargo companies can deliver the product or products you purchased to the address you specify within 1 to 3 days after receiving them from us. (International orders 3 to 12 days)

International orders are specially packed and ultra protected

In case of a mishap caused by us, you will be notified based on your membership information. That's why membership is complete and accurate information is important. Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days.


All of the products you choose will be delivered by our contracted cargo companies.


Our customers should definitely check the order package when receiving it, and should not receive damaged and faulty packages. As soon as the package is received, the order will be deemed to have been delivered completely and intact by the cargo officer. Therefore, when receiving your orders, we ask you to open your package in front of the cargo officer and to identify the problematic products, if any, and keep a report. In order to start the return process, you must inform us by recording the situation with the witness of the cargo officer. Whether the package you received was opened before you or whether the incoming package was deformed should be stated in the report and signed by both you and the cargo officer.

The products you have purchased will be notified to you by a confirmation e-mail.

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