Promotional Gift Vip Iznik Pottery Plate

4,200.00 TL
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Product Features;

  • Completely Handcrafted

  • Same Day Free Delivery With Vip Wooden Box Covered With Velvet

  • Iznik Pottery Art Was Made With The Underglaze Technique

  • Plate Diameter: 30cm (11.811inch)

  • Baked At 800-1000 Degrees

  • Can Be Hung On The Wall

  • There İs A Plastic Stand For The Showcase İn The Box

  • There Is An English And Turkish Explanation Introducing The Pottery In The Box

  • Delivery within 3-4 business days in the United States and Europe. 3-7 days to Other countries

Every İznik tile is unique, like a fingerprint. Even if the same product is produced in the same way again, it will not be exactly the same. The exact same product of the product you are currently reviewing will never be produced again.

We recommend that you purchase the product you like immediately if you need it.

The value of İznik tiles never decreases, goes out of fashion, or gets old. It is a work of art that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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